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The Water Kingdom owns the West side of the lake, and is known for their soft and well-groomed pelts. The current Royals are Nightstorm and Silverstar .


Water Kingdom cats, or Water Cats are usually adventurous and determined, but are also skeptical and stubborn at times. 

When happy, Water Cats are friendly and talkative. When angry, Water Cats are fair, and try to keep their temper, but like Fire Kingdom, they can only keep it for so long and will attack if necessary.

History (Before Roleplay)

The Water Kingdom was founded by an exiled WindClan warrior named Stonebrook, who was known for his odd comfort of being in water, and curiosity for odd pebbles and shells.

During the leadership of king Streamstar and queen Brighteyes, the Water Kingdom decided to share their prey with Grass Kingdom during a harsh leaf-bare.

During the leadership of queen Copperstar and king Rockfall, Water Kingdom fought with Fire Kingdom to get their territory back, in which was stolen by Sun Kingdom.

During the leadership of king Sharpstar and queen Silverbrook, Grass Kingdom and Fire Kingdom allied themselves with Water Kingdom to keep Sun Kingdom in line. In that Great battle, Sharpstar died along with his first born son and next line, Snowpelt. So Snowpelt's younger brother, Blackwhisker, became Blackstar. Silverbrook was forced to become a regular warrior again, and her brother's daughter became queen.

During the leadership of king Blackstar and queen Brindlepelt, the Kingdom was struck with Greencough and many mothers and warriors died. Now Blackstar and Brindlepelt are elders under the rule of queen Silverstar and king Nightstorm.


The Water Cats own the West side of the lake, where streams large and small run through. Their borders meet with Sun Kingdom and Grass Kingdom.


  • Entrance - The entrance and barrier to the Kingdom is three rows of thick, tall reeds, the reeds towards the entrance bending over to create a tunnel
  • Mother's Den - The mother's den is built of twigs, reeds and ferns woven together to make walls, and large dock leaves for the roof of the den reinforced with twigs.
  • Elder's Den - The elders den is made of four leafy, bent bushes.
  • Apprentice's Den - The apprentices den is made of curly bracken, and overlapping ferns for a roof.
  • Warrior's Den - A bunch of small conifer with bracken and dock leaves woven together to make a roof.
  • Healer's Den - A cave made of rocks that hold up the Royal's Den.
  • Royal's Den - A tall pine tree with a piece of wood jutting out that kings and queens use to call meetings and a hole in which the king and queen sleep.
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