"Yes, sir," came the voice, resounding smoothly from half-way down the lavishly adorned hall. Cream's head shot up like a silver bullet from where it lay on her dark pine wood desk. Was this fool trying to make another version of his robotic monstrosities or was it something more? Before she could lie her head back down to the desk a soft knock came from behind the bedroom door. It was barely audible, but then again, now she knew that the entity beyond her door wasn't much of an 'intelligent' creature yet. Cream rose from her chair and walked briskly to her door, unbolting and opening her door. Her eyes glanced swiftly as they scanned the thing before her. It appeared to be just like her, a lilac dress with white frills along the edges and lilac strapless pumps. The only noticeable exception was her hair, which was hung down low in a ponytail and chestnut brown. "Master requires you in the basement," it said, its voice cracking unnaturally in a way that would most likely belong in a scary story.

This is just the first part, but I hoped you enjoyed it ^-^