The Day Came

A fly apparently made its home in my upstairs bathroom. After an unsuccessful attempt at murder with a towel I had given up the previous day. As I went to brush my teeth, I heard a familiar buzzing as the fly irritatingly flew around my face. That was the last straw. I grabbed my towel and waited until the unsuspecting and cheeky fly landed. WHAAAAAM!! The sound of wet towel cracking in the air sounded, full and echoing. I removed my towel, and the fly flew out, rather lopsided, flapping around the room desperately. "Your suffering has not ended yet..." I growled through gritted teeth. The fly continued going around the room for about fifteen seconds when it finally decided it was safe to land again. Big mistake. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM! The towel crackled again. My foe was vanquished, or so I thought. I bent down over my enemy and discovered his legs twitching and his wings trying in vain to start flapping again as he lay injured. "Time to end this." I whispered, reaching over to an abandoned screwdriver lying conveniently next to my bath. "Shhh... It'll all be over soon." I cackled with a wicked smile. I plunged my screwdriver into the fly's heart (or his whole body??) until I heard the satisfying crunch of the fly's insides. His twitching died out and he lay perfectly still on the turquoise tiled floor. I tucked my screwdriver back into my pocket and chortled. No fly buzzes around my face for long.