Welcome to the to-do list! Before doing anything listed here, please keep in mind:

  • Other than Minor jobs, please get permission from SilverstarOfRippleClan or CaikCat before doing a job.
  • Suggestions posted on the Suggestion page will often be added as jobs here.
  • Doing these jobs will eventually get you noticed and give you favour amongst our members, which may result in being ranked up.
  • Remember to keep within the rules while doing a job.
  • Unfortunately we cannot keep a list of jobs for every single member so if you want a personal to-do list, we recommend using a Word Document (or TextEdit for Mac) or any other means of writing things down.

Now that's out of the way, here's sorting...

1. Minor Jobs

Anyone can do minor jobs and will not need to inform an admin. These can range from spell-checks to sprucing a page up, including everything in between.

2. Moderate Jobs

In order to do a moderate job, please tell an admin or higher before attempting to do so. These can range from typing a short page to making art.

3. Large Jobs

These have the same requirements as moderate jobs and can be done by at max 3 people at once (although you must verify with all the members doing so first while it is also perfectly alright to do these by yourself). These can be making pages to general cleaning of the Wiki.

4. Projects

These are rather self-explanatory from the name so I can just give you a summary, however, for projects please inform SilverstarOfRippleClan ONLY. Projects are larger than Large Jobs and can be done by any number of people. These tend to be the most fun job to do because they often involve art or video and are done by multiple people. It is not recommended that you do a project by yourself. 

5. Admin-Only

Members with "admin" or "bureaucrat" status can only do these jobs.

Minor JobsEdit

Moderate JobsEdit

Large JobsEdit

  • Every photo/image needs categorized
  • Every photo/image needs a description

This page is unfinished and should be left alone until finished by CaikCat. However, feel free to do any of the minor jobs listed. CaikCat (talk) 20:56, May 23, 2013 (UTC)