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Sun Kingdom owns the South side of Moon Kingdom Lake, and are known for the brightest name, but the darkest hearts. The current royals are Brightwillow and Batstar .


Sun Kingdom cats, or Sun Cats, are ambitious and will help cause a fight any chance they get.

Sun Cats are only happy when victorious of their goals, or when have proven themselves better than the other Kingdoms.

When they're angry, Sun Cats will attack immediately and will even kill to get revenge.

But even Sun Cats each have a small patch of gold on their hearts of stone, and will help a Kingdom if they believe it's the right thing to do.

History (Before Roleplay)

The Sun Kingdom was founded by a rogue named Snow. A former kittypet who was sick of being tied down and started being rebellious towards her Twolegs. After a few moons as a rebel, her Twolegs kicked her out. She was found by the Blackheart Rogues and taken in. It was there she learned to hunt and fight. One day, she was out hunting and discovered the Kingdoms, when she returned home to the Blackheart Rogues, she suggested that they make their own Kingdom. While only a handful of cats agreed, they had enough cats to survive as a Kingdom.

During the leadership of queen Snowstar and king Lionpelt, Sun Kingdom shared prey with Fire Kingdom during a harsh leaf-bare.

During the leadership of queen Petalstar and king Beestripe, Sun Kingdom stole territory from Fire Kingdom and Water Kingdom because the Blackheart Rogues kept stealing prey from the Sun Cats.

During the leadership of king Beestar and queen Spottedpool, Sun Kingdom allied themselves with the Blackheart Rogues and fought the other Kingdoms in the Great Battle.

During the leadership of king Batstar and queen Twoface, Sun Kingdom did nothing to help Water Kingdom when it was struck with Greencough.


The Sun Cats own the South side of Moon Kingdom lake, where there is open moor land with the occasional tree here and there. Their borders meet with Fire Kingdom and Water Kingdom.


  • Entrance - The entrance to the camp is a gap in a circular bramble barrier.
  • Elder's Den - The elder's den is an old fox den with ivy hanging over the entrance.
  • Mother's Den - The mother's den is a hazel bush with holly and thorns woven into it for protection.
  • Apprentice's Den - The apprentice's den is an old rabbit den under a tree.
  • Warrior's Den - The warriors den is a thick gorse bush.
  • Healer's Den - The healer's den is a thick bramble bush in front of another rabbit den, which serves as herb storage.
  • Royal's Den - The royal's den is a tall rock with a cave cut into it to make a den.