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Silverstar is the "-star" Royal (Royal that was eldest of the last "-star" Royal's first litter) of Water Kingdom and is Goldenleaf's sister. She has bright blue eyes and earned the warrior name '-light' because of her bright attitude. Her ears, tail tip and paws have darker gray flecks.


Silverstar is one of the younger Royals of the Kingdoms, and is seen as more naive and headstrong, too, compared to other Royals. Despite this, she is the most progressive thinker, like her mate, Nightstorm. The young Royal tends to keep feelings bottled up inside her, so she can release anger and hatred to her enemies in battle, making her power great.

History (Before Roleplay)Edit

  • Silverstar was born in ThunderClan along with her sister, Goldenleaf.
  • After Goldenleaf was exiled, Silverstar left ThunderClan, enraged that they exiled her sister.
  • Silverstar found and helped Water Kingdom after it was struck with Greencough, which she became leader of due to her being the only one well enough.
  • In Water Kingdom, Silverstar fell in love with Nightstorm.


Mother: Brightflame (ThunderClan)

Father: Metal (Loner)

Sibling(s): Goldenleaf (Water Kingdom), Hawktalon (Water Kingdom)

Mate(s): Nightstorm (Water Kingdom)


Relatives: Fadedkit (Water Kingdom, Niece), Dawnkit (Water Kingdom, Niece), Eaglekit (Water Kingdom, Nephew) and Glacier (Loner, Brother-in-Law)


  • Silverstar