Redstar is up for Adoption. Contact SilverstarOfRippleClan for more details or to adopt him for you to roleplay as.

Redstar is the "-star" Royal of Fire Kingdom and is Palepelt's mate. He is a ginger tom with pale amber eyes and darker orange stripes. He earned the warrior name '-stripe' because of his distinctive stripes.


Redstar is a good leader with a balanced temper. He is confident and enthusiastic about any good idea and likes to include the Kingdom's opinion when making a decision. He has been relied on many, many times even when he wasn't Royal of his kingdom and is loved by many.

History (Before Roleplay)Edit

  • Redstar was born in Fire Kingdom along with his sister Fireberry.
  • He completed his training as an apprentice.
  • As a warrior he mated Palepelt.
  • He became Royal of his kingdom.
  • Palepelt had his kits.


Mother: Littlewing (Fire Kingdom, Deceased, Verified Moon Kingdom Member)

Father: Metal (Loner)

Sibling: Fireberry (Fire Kingdom, She)

Mate: Palepelt (Fire Kingdom)

Kits: Frostkit (Fire Kingdom, Tom), Sorrelkit (Fire Kingdom, Tom), Firekit (Fire Kingdom, She)

Relatives: Silverstar (Water Kingdom, half-sister), Goldenleaf (Water Kingdom, half-sister)


  • Redstar


  • Redstar, Fireberry, Silverstar and Goldenleaf share the same father - Metal, making all of them kin.