Palepelt with her kits (from left to right): Frostkit (Tom), Sorrelkit (Tom) and Firekit (She)

Palepelt is up for Adoption. Contact SilverstarOfRippleClan for more details or to adopt her for you to roleplay as.

Palepelt is a Royal of Fire Kingdom. She is a light tortoise shell, black, ginger and white she-cat with a white muzzle. She has darker striped ears, legs and tail. She has amber eyes and earned the warrior name "-pelt" because her pelt is pale tortoiseshell.


Palepelt is a sweet, gentle and kind cat who loves to be around her kits. She has loved Redstar right from the moment they were made apprentices, for she saw the leader within him -  a strong, enthusiastic one.

But behind this gentle and loving image, is a strong fighter ready to die to protect those around her.


Mother: Acornfur (Fire Kingdom, Deceased, Verified Moon Kingdom Member)

Father: Unknown (Deceased)

Mate: Redstar (Fire Kingdom, Royal)

Kits: Frostkit (Fire Kingdom, Tom), Sorrelkit (Fire Kingdom, Tom) and Firekit (Fire Kingdom, She)

Relatives: Fireberry (Fire Kingdom, Sister-in-law), Silverstar (Water Kingdom, Half-sister-in-law), Goldenleaf (Water Kingdom, Half-sister-in-law)