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Moon Kingdom are the spirits of the Kingdoms' ancestors. There are no specific leaders for Moon Kingdom but the founding cats like to take charge. The Moon Cats see eachother as equals and guide the Kingdoms during troubled times. (If your character joins Moon Kingdom it means you no longer wish to roleplay as that character).


Moon Kingdom cats, or Moon Cats, are calm and wise. Each cat, whether they had been ambitious or shy during their lives, each have courage and peace.

While the Moon Cats are usually peaceful, if the Kingdom they left behind is disobeying the warrior code, they send a sign to the Healer of that Kingdom as a warning.

When happy or victorious, Moon Kingdom will celebrate with their Kingdoms.


The Moon Kingdom's territory is haven for each cat that lives there. It is almost the same as the territories in the waking world, except that there are no boundaries and the camp is in the Gathering island. Each den is a copy of one of the dens from one of the Kingdoms.

  • Entrance - The entrance to the camp is made of brambles and roots entwined together. Same with the barrier, except the barrier is reinforced with pine cones and twigs.
  • Elder's Den - The elder's den is an old fox den with ivy hanging over the entrance.
  • Mother's Den - The mother's den is a hazel bush with holly and thorns woven into it for protection.
  • Apprentice's Den - The apprentice's den is over-hanging shrubs.
  • Warrior's Den - The warrior's den is a prickly holly bush, smoothed out on the inside with dock leaves.
  • Healer's Den - The healer's den is near the elder's den. The herbs are very cleverly hidden. The place where patients sleep is a hollowed out rock with ivy over hanging the entrance, and the herbs are stored in a rabbit hole at the back of the den.
  • Leader's Den - The leader's den is a rock in the middle of the sandy clearing. The top of the rock is used for calling meetings.