This is a list of line art for use solely on this wiki. 

How to Use Line Art

To use your line art, first go to select one from our list. Download it to your computer. It contains no viruses or harmful software. Open it with a Paint program, whether that is Paint, MS Paint, Sketchbook Express or anything else installed on your computer. Colour the cat on top in as you want to colour your roleplay character, then fill out the necessary information. Then upload your finished work to your character page. For further help, contact SilverstarOfRippleClan or CaikCat.

Line Art

Fire Kingdom

Star Royal Tom.lineart

Royal mated into Tom.lineart
Star Royal She.lineart

Royal mated into She.lineart

Warrior Tom.lineart

Warrior She.lineart

Healer Tom.lineart

Healer She.lineart

Mother with four kits FC.lineart

Mother with three kits FC.lineart

Mother with two kits FC.lineart

Mother with one kit FC.lineart

Apprentice Tom FC.lineart

Apprentice She FC.lineart

Healer Tom Apprentice.lineart

Healer She Apprentice.lineart

Water Kingdom

Star Royal Tom WC.lineart

Royal mated into Tom WC.lineart

Star Royal She WC.lineart

Royal mated into She WC.lineart

Warrior Tom WC.lineart

Warrior She WC.lineart

Healer Tom WC.lineart

Healer She WC.lineart

Mother with four kits.lineart

Mother with three kits.lineart

Mother with two kits.lineart

Mother with one kit.lineart

Apprentice Tom WC.lineart

Apprentice She WC.lineart

Healer Apprentice Tom WC.lineart

Healer She Apprentice WC.lineart

Grass Kingdom

Star Royal Tom GC.lineart

Star Royal She GC.lineart

Royal mated into Tom GC.lineart

Royal mated into She GC.lineart

Warrior Tom GC.lineart

Warrior She GC.lineart

Healer Tom GC.lineart

Healer She GC.lineart

Mother with FOUR kits GC.lineart

Mother with three kits GC.lineart

Mother with two kits GC.lineart

Mother with One kit GC.lineart

Apprentice Tom GC.lineart

Apprentice She GC.lineart

Healer Apprentice Tom GC.lineart

Healer Apprentice She GC.lineart

Sun Kingdom

Star Royal Tom SC.lineart

Star Royal She SC.lineart

Royal mated into Tom SC.lineart

Royal mated into She SC.lineart

Warrior Tom SC.lineart

Warrior She SC.lineart

Healer Tom SC.lineart

Healer She SC.lineart

Mother with four kits SC.lineart

Mother with three kits SC.lineart

Mother with two kits SC.lineart

Mother with one kit SC.lineart

Apprentice Tom SC.lineart

Apprentice She SC.lineart

Healer Tom Apprentice SC.lineart

Healer She Apprentice SC.lineart


Rogue Tom.lineart

Rogue Tom Alt.lineart
Rogue She.lineart

Rogue She Alt.lineart


Loner tom.lineart

Loner she.lineart