Goldenleaf with her kits (from left to right): Dawnkit (She), Fadedkit (She) and Eaglekit (Tom)

Goldenleaf is a member of Water Kingdom and Silverstar's sister. She has a gold pelt, dappled with white and amber spots. She has pale green eyes and earned the warrior name '-leaf' because her spots are like leaves in the breeze. She is on the smaller size and isn't too much bigger than an apprentice, although the same age as Silverstar.


Goldenleaf tends to be passionate about things and sometimes too abrupt. She is not oblivious to other's feelings however and will use this passion to stand up for what she believes in, and to help those in need. Although not particularly intelligent or strong, Goldenleaf tends to shine as an all-rounder. 

History (Before Roleplay)Edit

  • Goldenleaf was born in ThunderClan alongside Silverstar, her sister.
  • Later, she also became a loner after being exiled from ThunderClan for denying the leader.
  • While still a loner, she met Glacier and became his mate.
  • Goldenleaf then joined Water Kingdom where she was re-united with Silverstar.
  • In Water Kingdom, she had kits. (Un-named as of before roleplay)


Mother: Brightflame (ThunderClan)

Father: Metal (Loner)

Sibling(s): Silverstar (Water Kingdom), Hawktalon (Water Kingdom)

Mate(s): Glacier (Loner)

Kits: Fadedkit (Water Kingdom), Dawnkit (Water Kingdom), Eaglekit (Water Kingdom)

Relatives: Nightstorm (Water Kingdom, Brother-in-Law)



  • Goldenleaf was originally called  Autumn and she was a kittypet, as well as having a brother called Coyoteclaw.
  • She was also from a roleplay on the online multiplayer game Roblox.
  • Goldenleaf was made before Silverstar.