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Glacier is a loner tom and the mate of Goldenleaf and the father of her kits, Fadedkit, Dawnkit and Eaglekit. (although he doesn't know this yet.) He is white with silver stripes and silver tipped ears, paws and a silver tipped tail and named Glacier because of his snowy appearance.


Glacier is shy and reclusive. Other than Goldenleaf he will not interact or help any other cat unless they are half-dead or severely ill. He is not particularly powerful but instead has a large knowledge of the forest around him and of survival skills. Should Glacier engage in battle, once he knows he cannot win he will attempt to escape battle.

History (Before Roleplay)Edit

  • Glacier was born in a barn as a loner where his mother and father (who both were kittypets) left him and his brothers and sisters to die. Glacier then had to learn to fend for himself and is one of two survivors of a litter of five.
  • Glacier found Goldenleaf half-dead near a Twolegplace and allowed her to stay with him.
  • Glacier became mates with Goldenleaf.
  • Goldenleaf left to find Silverstar.
  • Goldenleaf had Glacier's kits in Water Kingdom (although Glacier is unaware as of before rp)


Mother: Unknown (Kittypet)

Father: Unknown (Kittypet)

Sibling(s): Ashpaw (Sun Kingdom), Unknown (Loner, Deceased), Unknown (Loner, Deceased), Unknown (Loner, Deceased)

Mate(s): Goldenleaf (Water Kingdom)

Kits: Fadedkit (Water Kingdom), Dawnkit (Water Kingdom), Eaglekit (Water Kingdom)

Relatives: Silverstar (Water Kingdom, Sister-in-Law), Hawktalon (Water Kingdom, Brother-in-Law)