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The Fire Kingdom owns the East side of the Moon Kingdom lake, and is known for their fighting skills. The current Royals are Redstar and Palepelt .


Fire Kingdom cats, or Fire Cats are usually fair with an even temper but can be feisty and ferocious.

In a good mood, they keep their temper and will help a cat in need, of their own kingdom or not. In a bad mood, Fire Cats get very angry and will immediately attack if they're in a rage.

History (Before Roleplay)

The Fire Kingdom was founded by a loner named Flora, who had a fire colored tabby pelt. Thus the name Fire Kingdom.

During the leadership of king Wolfstar and queen Flintstripe, Fire Kingdom shared fresh-kill with Sun Kingdom during a harsh leaf-bare.

During the leadership of king Fishstar and queen Breezesong, Fire Kingdom fought with Water Kingdom to get their territory back, in which was stolen by Sun Kingdom.

During the leadership of queen Breezestar and king Spikewhisker, Fire Kingdom allied themselves with Grass Kingdom and Water Kingdom to keep Sun Kingdom in line.

During the leadership of king Coyotestar and queen Leopardblaze, Fire Kingdom tried in vain to help Water Kingdom with Greencough.


Fire Kingdom own the East side of Moon Kingdom lake, which is covered with pine trees and prickly undergrowth. Their borders meet with Grass Kingdom and Water Kingdom.


  • Entrance - The entrance to the camp is made of brambles and roots entwined together. Same with the barrier, except the barrier is reinforced with pine cones and twigs.
  • Elder's Den - The elder's den is a thick bush near the nursery.
  • Mother's Den - The mother's den is a thick bush near the elder's den.
  • Apprentice's Den - The apprentice's den is over-hanging shrubs.
  • Warrior's Den - The warrior's den is a prickly holly bush, smoothed out on the inside with dock leaves.
  • Healer's Den - The healer's den is between the elder's and mother's den. It is made of brambles and dock leaves.
  • Royal's Den - The royal's den is a tall pine tree that is used to call meetings, and the royals sleep in an old fox den underneath the tree.