Brightwillow is up for Adoption. Contact SilverstarOfRippleClan for more details or to adopt her for you to roleplay as.

Brightwillow is a Royal of Sun Kingdom and is Batstar's mate. She is a brown tabby with white ear tips, tail tips and forepaw tips. Her hindlegs have more white on them than her forelegs. Her warrior name, '-willow', was earned due to her pelt color which is the color of a willow.


Brightwillow is harsh towards cats she doesn't like and towards cats that don't know a thing. She has great forethought, though this can lead her to be stressed as two or more things might happen at once and she must use what she's got to sort it out. Brightwillow, although a Sun Cat, hates killing anything other than prey and won't hesitate to stop Batstar from doing severe punishment to his warriors. Brightwillow is a good friend to Silverstar, as they're both on the younger side and are both very smart.


Mother: Shine (Rogue)

Father: Brownclaw (Sun Kingdom, Deceased, Verified Moon Kingdom Member)

Mate: Batstar (Sun Kingdom)


  • Brightwillow


  • Brightwillow is not a reference to Erin Hunter's character Willowshine. She is based off a cat SilverstarOfRippleClan knows in her street.